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Asclepius Dentodoc Toothpaste Cream

Asclepius Dentodoc Toothpaste Cream: Uses & Benefits


Introduction about Dentodoc Toothpaste Cream:

Dentodoc is the world's newest Ayurvedic toothpaste, manufactured by India's No. 1 company AWPL. Today we will talk about Dentodoc toothpaste cream. In this article I will tell you what ingredients Dentodoc is made of, how to use it and what are the benefits of using it. AWPL Dentodoc is very useful in Oral care and many other diseases. Dentodoc is one such toothpaste that is 100% herbal. 

It will remove 20 types of small and big problems/diseases from your house. By the way, you use many types of pastes that contain fluoride which can be the cause of cancer. So be careful to use genuine and herbal products for Oral Care because Oral Care one of the most important parts of our body too. Dentodoc Toothpaste is a paste that has many benefits and advantages. So let's get started.

Ingredients of Dentodoc Toothpaste Cream:

No Ingredients Qty in gm
1 Sharkara Crystals 4.286 gm
2 Katsaraiya Root 3.75 gm
3 Laung Flower Bud 3.75 gm
4 Akalkara Root 1.5 gm
5 Mulethi Stem 1.5 gm
6 Babula Bark 1.5 gm
7 Haldi Rhizome 1.5 gm
8 Sendha Namak 1.5 gm
9 Fitkari 1.5 gm
10 Pippermint Satva Flakes 1.428 gm
11 Kapur Flakes 0.857 gm
12 Majuphal Fruit 0.743 gm
13 Pippali Fruit 0.4 gm
14 Tejphal Fruit 0.4 gm
15 Pilu Whole Plant 0.4 gm
16 Neem Leaf 0.4 gm


Benefits of AWPL Dentodoc

Dentodoc cream is not only useful in Oral Care. It is a magical cream or toothpaste which is useful in various problems of the body. We can say that One toothpaste with various features. Below are the top 20 most useful benefits of AWPL Dentodoc.

  •  Remove the issue of bleeding gums.
  •  To have cold hot water in the teeth.
  •  Mouth ulcers, apply to the affected area.
  •  Mouth odor should be used as a dental brush.
  •  Relieve smokers, apply on lips.
  •  If you cough, apply it to the throat.
  •  If you have a headache, apply it to the forehead.
  • In winter, mix steam in warm water and steam it.
  • When you have acne, use it from outside.
  •  Mosquito ants should be planted on bee bites.
  • Use when skin burns are cut.
  •  Apply on the feet when itching occurs.
  • To prevent cracks of the ankles, apply externally.
  •  Apply tooth pain to a cavity or affected area.
  •  To clean the face, use it as usual.
  •  Apply externally in Piles (Bashir).
  •  Use as ringworm for skin diseases.
  •  Use in wounds after cutting.
  • To remove warts, apply them at night at bedtime.
  • Drink cold water, fever and put it in hot water.

Other Useful Benefits of Asclepius Dentodoc:

  • Uses antiseptic cream on any cut and burning condition on the skin.
  • Dentodoc is Helpful in ringworm and itching
  • It is also helpful in cure to remove pimple
  • Helpful in Heal to crack heel
  • Helpful in gas acidity
  • Use as an ointment for antifungal and antibacterial disease.

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