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10 Tips To Succeed In Job Interview

10 Tips To Succeed In Job Interview

Every one want to defeat a interview to achieved a good job Or good salary package. But without any planing you can't defeat any job interview, so today we tell you about 10 tips to succeed in job interview. 


1. Be careful in creating your CV / Resume:-

By your CV your aim should be that why you are a best person for this job, because your CV is the first things that go to the interviewers at the first, and you better know that first impression is last impression. 

If interviewer found some minor mistake inside your CV or the interviewer would not liked your CV than your perception is can be wrong. Also remember that your small talks are show your nature. If the man is irresponsible to making a CV so there is lot of chance that this man will make same mistake in there job also. 

Make a good CV is also required because the most companies filtered there candidates first on the basis of CV. So we all ready give the information about how to prepare a good CV in our artical - https://www.theautotechnical.com/2021/08/contents-of-resume.html .... You can click and read this 👆 artical. 

2. Give special attention to theoretical knowledge about related to job:- 

This is a very important point because I know much peoples these are good into the practical knowledge but they don't have knowledge or lack of knowledge about technical terms and theory of that work, this is an important reason for failure into the job interview. 

The interviewer is also judge the you are a well prepared candidate or an average candidate by your theoretical knowledge. So don't underestimate the theoretical knowledge. 

3. Judge own self as a employer:-

Thing about it that if you are a interviewer than which type of qualities you found from an candidate. Understand the need of the company and accept that type of quality and show to the interviewer, and also hide unwanted qualities.

Supposed if you go for a marketing job than you must be highlight your travelling hobby. You have to change your CV according to your job requirements. 


4. Be prepared for FAQ (frequently asked questions) :-

There are some common questions for every interview. Be prepared for this types questions and aslo thing about that questions may be asked from your answer by interviewer. 

For example - 

Tell me about yourself? 

Walk me through your CV?

Introduce yourself. 

Tell us about your current job? 

What is your role? 

Why do you want to join this company? 

Why is there a gap in your studies or job? 

Why do you want to leave your current job? 

What are your weakness or strength? 

Why should we select you? 

Why did you choose this specialization? 

Why your marks are very low in......... Subject? 

What has been your biggest achievement till date? 

10 Tips To Succeed In Job Interview

5. Repeat more the process of interview in your mind :-

Always before going to the interview you have to repeat the all interview process into your mind, by doing this the mind is gone cleared about the interview. For example - when will wake up, which dress will wear, how to reach and when will reach etc. 

Also thing and repeat about how will you introduce yourself to the interviewer. 

6. Mock and Mirror practice :-

If you are a fresher then before going to giving an interview you have to go with a mock interview and a rehearsal in front of a friend or your family members. Because they will told you your small shortcoming and correct feedback. Do this process with seriously it can teach you more. 

7. Pay attention on Non-verbal communication :-

Always our communications have reached to the interviewer into two methods - Verbally and Non- verbally. Verbally means the conversations which we communicate direct with the interviewer and Non- verbally means how and which tone we used, our seating manners, eye contacts and dressing sense. 

According to different research there are 20% verbal and 80% Non-verbal communications into the interview, so we have to pay attention on the 80% non-verbal. 

10 Tips To Succeed In Job Interview

8. Don't give contradictory answer :-

The interviewer can ask you some simple questions which are related to each other for knowing your honesty. For example you was said at first that this company is your dream company and now interviewer ask you about services of the company. Now if you can't able to give the correct answer that means you do not have basic knowledge of this company. Supposed you have been mentioned your hobby in CV playing cricket but during interview you said playing chess then interviewer has doubts on you. 

9. Choose the language which is comfortable for you :-

If you have knowledge about both english and hindi then this point is not for you but if you do not know about english language then this for you. 

The mostly interviews going into english language but you don't know about english then please go with Hindi, because the the right Hindi is better then the wrong english. 

10. Always be positive :-

Don't be over conscious for the selection because after some time you will forgot that. So keep smile accept all and go ahead. 

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