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Pleasant Personality Development : 10 tips

Pleasant Personality Development : 10 tips

Hey guys as you know that we always meet many people in our life but there are few people's does attract us and we used some words for them that "the person has got a pleasant personality". The man always looks like prosperous who have pleasant personality. They got respect for everywhere and they have invited into the parties always and also they got promotion quickly in job. Generally we have to possess the personality that help us to achieved the pleasant personality. 


Today we going to talking about 10 tips for pleasant personality which are mentioned belong-

1. Genuinely like the people. 

2. Always meet with a smile. 

3. Remember the name always. 

4. Put "you" Before "I".

5. Listen before speak. 

6. How does say is important than what is say. 

Pleasant Personality Development : 10 tips

7. Help to other without any acceptation. 

8. Make atract of your external appearance. 

9. Find that what do you appreciate. 

10. Continuously keep observing and improve yourselves. 

Genuinely like the people:-

When we meet anyone than we click a image of him in our mind, this image may be positive, may be negetive and may be neutral. But if we want to improve our personality than we have to make these image is intentionally positive. 

We have to train our mind that it found  good things into the people not bed things. This task is not so hard, if you will give the instructions to your mind for find out the good things from other people then it will be done definitely by your mind.

Do not irritate by the shortcomings of other persons rather imagine and feel like him by putting yourself with his place. If we survive in the same circumstances and climate than we also behave like him. So celebrate the difference do not irritate. 

Guys the negativity is atract us which always around us, we always listen the news about theft, fraud, murder and many more, these are the reason for the man is don't trust the other man. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that "All man are better than me in a particular field whoever always meet me".

Always meet with a smile:-

When you meet with your friends then you always use a sweet smile, am I right? 

This smile is prove that you liked him, and this think is applied with every relationship. That's why when you meet with anyone you have to carry a genuine smile on your face. In resulting the people will always like you, they will feel happy always with you. They return you a sweet smile for replies of your smile. 

Now you think that is very easy to give a little smile but buddy this is not so easy. Generally some people's do it naturally and some peoples doing practice to follow that, and I suggest you that you have to practice this. A small and a sweet smile is better than a simple and flate face and it may help to improve and make attactive your personality.

There is an other benefit of smiling, according to some research, when we feel like happy from inner then our external expressions also be changed according to this. So don't forget to carry a sweet and smile wherever you go. 


Remember the name always:-

The name of any person have very important as compare to all name of the worlds, so when you talk with everyone  always call his name rapidly. If the person is a senior than always use necessary suffix and prefix. 

The frontier man feel own importance by calling his name rapidly and also he pay attention to you. Definitely he feel very happy that you gives importance to his name. 

Put "You" Before "I" :-

Which person you would like most, one who talk about own things and one who talk about you and your important things. Of course you would select the second option. 

Every man behave like selfish, "I am a good man, this is my favorite thing, I do this". But this is wrong you have to do something different, means you have to put " You" before "I".

How are you?, what is your hobby?, What do you do?, like this. 

Pleasant Personality Development : 10 tips

I bet on you if you follow this rule than the peoples will always like you. If you be a audience for a common man than you be a important person for him same as if you be a audience for multiple common man's than you be a important person for all that guys, in resulting you will convert from person to a personality. 

Listen before Speak:-

This point is similar like fourth point. If you keep interest in other person than you have to behave like loyalty. If you asking something from frontier man than you have to listen carefully him and pay him some attention.

During conversation you have to ask some other questions related to the conversation. For example of someone said that he like to reading books, than you have to ask him which writter you like most. 

How does say is important than what is say:-

How does you say is most important as compare what did you say. For example you made a mistake then after you say sorry but without manner, this sorry doesn't matter. Always we have to choose right words and these right words we have to deliver in right manner. 

That's why we have to work on our tone and body language, please behave like polite and well mannered person as soon as you can do it. 

Help to other without any acceptation:-

Generally we all are able to helps other but due to laziness and for less return profit we do not helps that guys. But a person who have a pleasant personality always ready to do helps to other person. 

But this is not mean that you leave all your important works and behave like helps to other person. But adjust and manage few movement for others. 

May you heard that "A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hands that gives you roses".

Make atract of your external appearance:-

As you know that our first impression is made by our appearance that's why we have to do hard work on this point. 

Appearance means not to join the gym or beauty parlour, the appearance's simple means is that you have to dress-up occasionally, keep in mind your personal hygiene and also keep in mind some little things like hair-cut, nails and shoes polished always show your personality. 

Find that what do you appreciate:-

Rather I, you and any celebrity everyone like that someone praise him. This is the best formula for making friends that do some praise.

If you trying to find out than you have to found something for praise in everyone, like gardening ability, coins collection, smile, interior decoration, cooking etc. and whenever you found something form him than please praise him. 

By doing this you best for him,of course you make a loving day for him. For praising you have to follow the SMS, Emails and whatsApp MSG and many more. 

Pleasant Personality Development : 10 tips

Continuously keep observing and improve yourselves:-

The personality development is an ongoing process. We all are have a infinite scope of improvement, so do not give-up, always trying to improvement Yourself. Yes you have to reserve some time for observing and judgement for yourself. 

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