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Fuel Supply System Maruti gypsy 413 king

Fuel Supply System Maruti gypsy 413 king,



The Maruti Gypsy has a Electric Force Feed type fuel system, 40 Litres 87 MT (Petrol / Gasoline) is fuel capacity of it. The Maruti Gypsy is equipped with an ECM (Electronic Control Module) electronic control module that controls it, in this system a fuel tank is fitted between the two chassis on the back side of the car, inside this fuel tank is a Electric fuel pump has been installed, which receives the signal from the ECM, then it sends the fuel forward.

Parts of fuel system maruti gypsy:-

1.  Fuel Tank. (40 Ltrs 87 MT )

2. Fuel Filter. (Paper Element Cartridge Type). 
3. Fuel Rail. (Common Rail like CRDi system). 
4.  Injectors. (Electromagnet type Injector ).
5. Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve.(Operating Pressure 1.9 Kg/cm2 )
6.  Tank Pressure Control Valve. (One way Type valve) 

Fuel system maruti gypsy 413

7.  EAVP Charcoal Canister. ( for absorber of fuel vapour) 

8. Purge Valve. (Operating on 3000 and more Engine RPM)


Fuel system Working Function   -

This system has two working functions.

1. Pressure Circuit :-

This is the circuit in which fuel goes from the fuel tank to the fuel rail and the injector.

2. Return Circuit:-

This is the circuit in which the remaining fuel falls back into the fuel tank.

Important -    Fuel system is a positive fuel system in Maruti Gypsy as the vapour produced in it is also used and not rejected in the outside environment, for this it has been fitted with charcoal canister and purge valve.

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