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Clutch of Maruti Gypsy 413, parts and functioning

Clutch of Maruti Gypsy 413, parts and functioning



Clutch is an important part of any vehicle. A clutch means sticking and the clutch plate works only by sticking with the fly wheel. The clutch works on the principle of friction.

Clutch of maruti gypsy

Type of clutch:-

The maruti gypsy 413 have a Single Plate Dry Disc Diaphragm Type clutch.

Functioning of clutch:-

There are some important functions of the clutch which are mentioned below-
1. Breaking and connecting the engine and transmission speed.
2. Helping the gear.
3. Helping to keep the car in a standing position even in gear condition.
4. Helping the vehicle to slow down.
5. Helping in pulling or supporting the weight of the vehicle slowly.

Location of the clutch in Maruti Gypsy 413:-

The clutch is always  fitted in the middle of the engine and gear box.
Function of clutch

Working function of the clutch:-

Usually the clutch plate is attached to the fly wheel, this condition is called clutch engage.

But as soon as the driver apply some amount of pressure on the clutch pedal, the movement of the clutch pedal goes through the linkage to the cross shaft of the clutch, allowing the cross shaft to rotate, causing the fork on the cross shaft to move forward, Now the release of the bearing from the fork and the release bearing from the diaphragm spring gives further movement, the diaphragm spring moves forward and backward from the middle due to the fit of the pivoted, so that the pressure of the diaphragm spring is removed from the pressure plate. And the pressure of the pressure plate is removed from the clutch plate.

But while the engine is running and also giving the drive, the fly wheel is also rotating because the fly wheel separates the clutch plate from its centrifugal force due to no pressure on the clutch plate, causing the engine and transmission to move. Is separated, it is called Clutch Disengage position. 

Now the driver withdraws his foot from the clutch pedal, then the same action is reversed which causes the clutch to engage back.


Parts of Clutch:-

There are some working parts which are mention below-
1. Clutch Housing.
2. Fly Wheel.
3. Clutch Plate.
4. Pressure Plate.
5. Clutch Cover.
6. Clutch Output Shaft.
7. Diaphragm Spring.

8. De-clutch mechanism:-

The de-clutch mechanism have some minor parts which are as follow-
(a) Clutch Pedal.
(b) Linkage.
(c) Cross Shaft.
(d) Operating Fork.
(e) Release Bearing.

All these parts work together, if you want to know in detail about how these parts work, then tell us by giving your valuable comment.

If you want to know about the clutch plate separately, then contact us and also comment.

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