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What is personality

What is Personality

Generally you may heard that there is important role of personality into the success of someone. If you really want to succeed into your life than you have to improve your personality. But a big question is that what is the personality? What do you mean by personality? 


Because if we don't know about personality than how can we improve or develop our personality. 

Personality word is drive from:-

Personality word is drive from Latin word persona. Generally all peoples are same, also same in humanity, the body structure of all people are same and finally all people are feel same it means a people feel like other people. 

But there have an other true that every mans are different from each other in Behavior. Anyone do not feel like same as other in his life and the thoughts are also not equal to each other in human being, even into the twins there is nothing any similarities into the behavior and thoughts. 

Definition of personality:-

Now we say that the things like thought, behavior, nature of a man that make different a guys from other person is known as personality. 

Here you found a man which have a good personality because everyone like him. Same as opposite here you also found a man which have a bed personality because no one like him. 


Always the man got success who have a good and attractive personality and all people's are like him very much. 

To make the personality solid and attractive is known as personality development. In nova day to achieve the success and to achieve the good career there is the personality development is necessary thing. 

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