What is the meaning of personality development

We all are know very well about personality word. We use this word always in our life to describe any person's life style. Generally we found to people who use this word like "what is the personality of that guys".

But I am asking you! are we understand properly meaning of the word of personality development

The peoples always compare the personality to the physically attraction and smartness of the person but that is not enough meaning of personality. 

The personality word is drive from Latin word persona, the meaning of the persona is 'mask' and the romanian people was used this in theaters for different type of role. The mean of personality is that always we look and visible for other is know as personality, but this is not enough definition of personality. 

Perfect definition of Personality:-

The personality is not only related to physical atraction and smartness but along with these it also related to opinion and thought of the person and also related to behavior of the people, which decide and make our image into the society. 

Every one does not born with good personality rather we have to developed the good efficiency for achieve the success.

The physical smartness and intelligence is only one side of the personality rather for good personality is mandatory that have to use the intelligence for right work at right place. 

For glow our personality we have to use the right perception because "we see the things through our mind not through our eyes". Keep distance from our negetive emotions and inferiority complex. 

Meaning of personality development

That is not right if you are not physically attractive than your personality is not good. For example the grate Mahatma Gandhi and Mr Martin Luther King both were not physically attractive but the personality of above both are a example for all worlds because they both was got victory on own negetive emotions and believe in own only. The only way to victory on negetive emotions is that "love yourself, feel good about yourself and make realistic life goals".

Always trying to be perfect from yourself instead from your friends and colleague. There are two main reason which may not glow your personality which are stress and fear. It might be necessary that we find out and identify our fear from inside and we have to trying to beat that fear. 

The most dangerous fear is that the "fear of failure" and we have to beat it through practice rapidly. 

The personality can be developed by positive attitude, self confidence, self motivation and good body language. In the personality there we can not leave or forgot the physical characteristics along with good thought and nature of human. 

Physical Characteristics meaning:-

The physical characteristics is not belongs to smartness of the face rather it is belong to high level of energy, personal hygiene, good manners and how to speak with other person that is the physical characteristics. 

Our personal relationship is a most important part of our personality. We can measure personality of a man by him personal relationship that how can he manage it how much he got success to manage own personal relationship. 

Meaning of personality development

Always we have to react according to personality of other person because every man have a unique personality into the world. We have to respect of any kind of personality and also always trying to develop our personality. 

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