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Causes and remedies of Petrol and Diesel Engine

Causes and remedies of Petrol and Diesel Engine, Trouble Shoot of Petrol and Diesel Engine


Petrol Engine causes and remedies:-

1. Engine Overheat -

  • Fuel is dirty or low grade.
  • Leaning of air - fuel mixture.
  • Spark plug not having proper reach.
  • Use of hot spark.
  • Spark plug loosening up.
  • Ignition Timing not corrected. 
  • Any malfunction in the cooling or lubrication system. 
  • Valve timing not correct. 
  • Tappet clearance not corrected.
  • Carbon deposition in the combustion chamber. 
  • The compression of the engine is high. 
  • Engine over load.
  • Slipping the clutch. 
  • Brake clinging to the drum.

Causes and remedies of petrol and diesel engine


2. Pulling Power or Pickup Weakness:-

  • Fuel pipe leak or fuel air.
  • Fuel being messy.
  • Carburettor leak or malfunction.
  • Air filter being dirty or blocked.
  • Valve timing deterioration.
  • Ignition timing deteriorate.
  • Engine compression decreases.
  • Engine overheating.


3. Pre - Ignition:-

  • Higher fuel content in Air and Fuel.
  • Use of hot spark plugs.
  • Ignition Timing Deteriorate.
  • Valve Timing Deteriorate.
  • Deposit of carbon in Combustion Chamber.

Diesel Engine causes and remedies:-

1.    No Engine Start:-

  • Battery failure or discharge.
  • Starter motor malfunction.
  • No fuel in the fuel tank.
  • Fuel tank's breather hole shutting down.
  • Fuel pipe Blocked somewhere.
  • Fuel filter getting messy.
  • The linkage of the governor is damaged.
  • Accelerator linkage becoming loose.
  • The timing of Fuel Injection Pump (FIP) worsens.
  • Joint leakage of high pressure pipe line.
  • Orifice hole block of the injector.
  • Air filter getting messy.


2. Knocking Sound / Diesel knocking:-

  • Using dirty fuel.
  • Fuel injection timing deterioration.
  • Let the injector nozzle remain open
  • Orifice hole deform
  • Breaking of the end of the big end.
  • Accumulation of carbon in the combustion chamber.

3. Loss of Power:-

  • Using dirty fuel.
  • Fuel tank hole to be closed.
  • Being in the fuel system.
  • Piston ring wear.
  • Cylinder head gasket deterioration.

Petrol and Diesel   Engine   -

1. Steering System:-

(a) Steering hard:-

  • Reduced air in the tire.
  • Adjustment of the steering gear is not correct.
  • Bend or sagging of a linkage.
  • Camber, Caster, and Tow - in are not correct.
  • Bend or sagging of Chassis.


(b) Steering to be loose:-

  • Steering linkage to be loose.
  • Gap or Free play increases.
  • Breaking of the bearing of the front wheel.
  • Loosen mounting of steering wheel.

(c) Wandering or moving of the front wheel:-

  • Less air in the tire.
  • Free play is too much.
  • Loosening of the bearing of the front wheel.


(d) Vehicle Pull to One Side:-

  • No air in the tire.
  • Breakage of one side ball bearing.
  • One side brake shoe, sticking with the drum.
  • Inability of the caster and camber.
  • One side sabotage broken.
  • The introduction of oil or grease on the brake liner.
  • Brake Shoe's adjustment deterioration.
  • Brake pipe line bend or block.

(e) Steering Shimmy:-

  • More free play in linkage.
  • No wheel balance.
  • Less air in the tires.
  • Caster malfunction.


2. Brake  System

(a) Air in Brake System:-

  • Master Cylinder Deterioration.
  • Brake shoe's adjustment deterioration.
  • Lack of brake fluid.

(b) Voice from Brake or Noisy brake:-

  • Brake shoe liner wear. 
  • Brake shoe rivets to be loose. 
  • Brake backing plate to be loose.

3. Lubrication  System:-

(a) Oil Consumption High:-

  • Wear of Piston Ring. 
  • Having oil dilution. 
  • Engine over heat. 
  • Wear of valve stem and valve guide. 
  • Oil leakage. 

(b) Oil Pressure Low:-

  • Reduction of oil.
  • The grade of the oil is not correct. 
  • The PRV of the oil pump is stuck in open condition. 
  • Oil leakage.
  • Oil Pressure Gauge Deterioration.

(c) Oil Pressure High:-

  • Using more viscosity oil. 
  • The PRV of the oil pump is stuck in a closed condition. 
  • Oil Pressure Gauge Deterioration. 

(d) Blue Smoke from Exhaust:-

  • Higher oil level in air cleaner. 
  • Piston ring wear. 
  • Wear of valve stem and valve guide. 
  • Cylinder Wall's wear and tear. 
  • Oil milling in Fuel.

4. Cooling System

(a) Engine Over heat:- 

  • Lack of water in the radiator.
  • Fan belt breakdown or free play becoming too much. 
  • Radiator fins block. 
  • Cooling system leak. 
  • Temperature gauge deterioration. 
  • Thermostat Valve Dismantling. 
  • Waste of water pump. 
  • Deterioration of V & PRV. 
  • Ignition system or ignition timing deteriorate. 
  • Freezing of furring in the cooling system. 

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