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Engine : quiz Questions Automotive Technology

Engine : quiz Questions Automotive Technology


Q. 1      Which type of engine reduces the emission of unburnt hydrocarbons ?

Ans -  The engine that houses the MPFI and CRDi fuel supply systems reduces the amount of un burnt hydrocarbon from emissions because it has ECM to control the fuel supply, which supplies the same amount of fuel as needed. 

And the fuel produced in the fuel also takes part in the combustion process through the purge valve and does not discharge to the external environment along with a three way catalytic converter.  

Q.2   What happens when the engine oil in the turbocharged engine vehicle becomes too thick and completely black?

Ans -  If the engine oil becomes thick and dark, it means that the oil viscosity is increased due to which the oil flow will be reduced and lubrication will not be done properly and the oil pressure will also increase.

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