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Fuel Injection Pump Inline

What is the Fuel Injection Pump Inline, parts and type of the fuel injection pump


Fuel Injection Pump:-

The pump which is applied to convert the fuel coming from low pressure to high pressure in a diesel engine is  called FIP (Fuel Injection Pump). There are some other parts inside it which work together, this is the following -

1. Housing.

2. FIP Camshaft.

3. Plunger Unit. 

4. High Pressure Pipe Line.

Parts of Fuel Injection Pump:-

1.    Housing:-

All parts of FIP are installed inside FIP Housing and working together  , inside this Housing FIP comes to lubrication of camshaft and goes back to oil sump from drain hole. 

2.    FIP Camshaft:-

FIP camshaft is supported inside the housing with the help of journal and bearing, it is provided with drive timing gear, timing belt. On top of that, there are as many cams cut as the cylinder is in the engine because the same plunger unit is inside the FIP. 

Fuel injection pump inline

Common rail direct injection

3.    Plunger Unit:-

The Plunger Unit is an important part of the FIP when the driver starts the car and gives the accelerator, the accelerator is in contact with the rack shaft. And the rack shaft is fitted with the material of the serration with the quardon sleeve, which causes the quardon sleeve and plunger unit to move round. The starting of the engine drives the FIP camshaft through the timing gear, allowing the camshaft plunger unit to move upwards and into the niche. Due to the niche above the plunger unit , the fuel in the fuel barrel compresses,  but the more helical grooves and spill holes are disturbed by each other, the more fuel will be compressed and go into the injector from the high pressure pipe line. But if Helical Grooves and Spill Hole are in front of each other, then fuel compression will not happen and the same fuel will fall back in the gallery. 


4.    High Pressure Pipe Line:-

The work of transporting fuel from the FIP outlet to the injector is of the high pressure pipe line.  For each Cylinder injector, this pipe line is different, which is the same length, and it is made of different and quite good metal which has the ability to bear high pressure.   

Type of Fuel Injection Pump:-

1.    Common Rail Direct Injection:-

This fuel system is electronically controlled, this pump was developed to meet strict 21st century exhaust gas regulations. This includes a supply pump, common rail, electronically controlled injectors, several types of sensors to detect the engine's current status, and a computer that controls all of these devices. The engine drives the supply pump, which produces high-pressure fuel. The common rail distributes fuel to the injectors, which are mounted on each cylinder of the engine.

2.    Distribution (Rotary) Fuel Injection Pump:-

This diesel fuel pump is also controlled electronically by various sensors, an electronic control unit and an actuator. Similar to common rail pumps, sensors detect the engine's current state and send a signal to the control unit. The actuator controls how much fuel is injected and its time period according to the signals received from the control unit. The control unit determines which signals it sends by calculating optimal levels for the running state of the engine.

3.    In-line Fuel Injection Pump:-

One of two mechanically controlled diesel fuel systems, their number of in-line fuel injection pump fuel pressure mechanisms match the engine cylinders. This pump is mainly used for medium to large trucks and construction machinery. A camshaft drives the fuel pressure and injection volume control mechanisms within the pump body. Elements of that body follow an injection order to feed fuel to each engine cylinder.

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