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What is forms of lubrication, type of lubrication system

What is forms of lubrication, type of lubrication system, explain the method of lubrication and parts of lubrication system


Introduction about Lubrication System:-

Creating an oily non-rupture membrane between two metal parts that is easy to move, low heat, life, and more to some extent Washing & Polishing, Cushioning, Sealing and cooling. The effect is also achieved, it is called Lubrication System.

Forms of lubrication. 

Method of lubrication.

Type of lubrication system.

Forms of Lubrication System:-

There are some type of forms of lubrication which are as follow-

1. Hydrodynamic Lubrication System (Splash System):-

In this system, the oil which is thrown from the crank web when the crank shaft rotates and the parts that lubricate it is called Splash Lubrication System.

2. Hydro-static Lubrication System (Pressure System):-

In this system the oil is stored in a fix container from where the oil is pulled through the oil pump and cleaned with oil filter and sent to the system for lubrication.

3. Semi Pressure System:-

The system of this way is a mixture of both Splash and Pressure.

Types of the lubrication system:-

There are some types of the lubrication system which are as follows -

1. Force Feed System.
2. Fully Force Feed System.
3. Combined Force Feed System.
4. Gravity Force Feed System.
5. Crank case ventilation system (Positive & Negative).


Method of Lubrication System:-

There are some method to lubricant the working parts which are as follow-

1. Boundary Type:-

In this system a boundary of lubricants is made around the parts, this is done with grease.

2. Film Type:-

A film means a layer is made between the parts working in this type of system, a non-ruptured oil film, it have two types -

(a) Non Circulating Type:-

In this type of method, oil is filled in a vessel and the parts filled in the oil filled in the same vessel are kept and moving, this is the Gear Box and Differential I.

(b) Circulating Type:-

In this system the oil is filled in a vessel, it is sent to the oil through an oil pump. It also have two types -

(i) Dry Sump Type:-

In this, store the oil instead of sump, in a container, a pressure oil pump is applied to pull the oil from it and after lubrication the oil comes back and falls in the sump in the container. There is a scavenging oil pump to deliver.

(ii) Wet Sump Type:-

In this system, oil is placed in a sump and after lubrication, the oil comes back and falls in the sump itself. 

Working Function of Lubrication System:-

The lubrication system have three functions, which are as follow-

1. Pressure Circuit:-

As soon as the engine starts, the circuit goes through sump to pump, pump to filter, filter to main oil gallery to crankshaft, camshaft, and rocker arm shaft. This circuit is called Pressure circuit.

2. Splash Circuit:-

After the lubrication, when the oil falls back down, the crankshaft collides with the web and then hits the cylinder wall, which causes lubrication of piston ring, gudgeon pin, connecting rod.

3. Breathing Circuit:-

Due to the piston up and down of the engine, the vacuum and pressure in the crank case is formed, so that the air of the atmosphere gets inside and the oil escapes from the inside, that is, the engine breathes.

Parts of Lubrication System:-

1. Oil Sump.
2. Dipstick.

3. Oil Pump (it have some types) -

(a) In terms of work. 

(i) Pressure Pump.
(ii) Scavenging pump.

(b) By design. 

(i) Gear Wheel Type.
(ii) Rotor Type.
(iii) Plunger Type.

4. Oil Filter (it have some types) -

(a) In terms of work. 

(i) Fully flow type.
(ii) By pass type.

(b) In terms of design. 

(i) Screen Filter.
(ii) Wire Slotted Filter.
(iii) Gauze Filter.
(iv) Disc type filter.
(v) Paper element type.
(vi) Cloth Element type.

5. MOG (Main Oil Gallery).
6. Heat Exchanger.
7. Oil Cooler.
8. Breathing Tube.

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