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Turbocharger vs Supercharger, its parts and working

Turbocharger vs Supercharger, its parts and working, super charger and turbocharger which one the better


Which one the better between supercharger and turbocharger

Supercharger: - 

Super charger is a means which is applied to increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine.

It is fitted with the engine and the drive is delivered from the engine through a gear or a fan belt, now the super charger does that the air coming from the atmosphere has to pass through the super charger.

And using a fan or blower in the super charger, compresses the incoming air and sends as much as possible to the induction manifold.


If there is more air in the Induction Manifold, then during compression stroke there will be more compression and more power will be gained. To compress the air, you can put fan, blower, vans inside the super charger as shown in the picture.

But there are some disadvantages in the Super Charger which

Supercharger vs turbocharger

Disadvantages of supercharger:-

(i) The Super Charger has to drive through the engine, which consumes the power of the engine.

(ii) We do not get the full amount of power that it produces, it consumes itself.

(iii) It is driven by the engine, so its adjustment can also be repeatedly shaken.

(iv) There are too many parts in it, due to which it is expensive and large in size.

Type of super charger:-

  (i) Centrifugal super charger.

  (ii) Root super charger.

  (iii) Vane super charger.

  (iv) Complex super charger.

  (v) Twin screw super charger.


The turbo charger is also fitted to increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine but, the turbo charger does not have to drive through the engine, and the parts inside it are also less.

Given all these reasons, the turbo charger is considered to be better.

Inside the turbo charger is an impeller and a turbine, the impeller is coupled to the induction manifold and the turbine is coupled to the exhaust manifold, both the impeller and the turbine are fitted on top of the same shaft so that both rotate together.

When we start the engine, the impeller rotates due to the suction of the engine and the turbine also starts to rotate due to both being fitted on the same shaft, after the engine starts, when the exhaust gases come out of the exhaust manifold it collides with the turbine.

This makes the turbine rotate even faster and also rotates the impeller even faster, thus the turbo charger does not have to provide any drive from the engine. It moves initially from suction and later from exhaust gases and increases the power of the engine.

 It does not have its own consumption, it outputs full power, which increases the power output of the engine i.e. BHP.

Type of turbocharger, turbo charger type -

     (i) Constant pressure turbo charger.

     (ii) Pulse Turbo charger.

     (iii) Hyper Bar Turbocharger.

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