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Type of suspension System and Shock Absorbers

Type of suspension system and shock absorbers


1. Suspension System:-

A suspension system is installed inside the car because it can protect the vehicle from a shock when the vehicle passes through a pothole or a bump.

So do not allow the shock to hit the vehicle and also prevent the steering system from becoming unbalance, if the shocks are less then the luggage in the car will also be safe and the people sitting inside will also be comfortable.

Type of Suspension System:-

(i) Spring suspension:-

Spring suspension have two type which are follow-
(a) Coil Spring suspension - It is like a spring and is fitted with a kabbani, as you may have seen - a bike has a thick spring between the bottom of the pillion seat and the rear mudguard. spring suspension.

(b) Leaf Spring suspension - This leaf spring, which we call Kabbani, is called leaf spring.

(ii) Air Suspension:-

Air bag, air compressor unit, air spring assembly are used in this system. 

(iii) Torsion bar suspension:-

This is a slightly different suspension. It is also called independent suspension system. In this, a torsion bar is installed for each wheel.

(iv) Hydro pneumatic suspension:- 

In this suspension system, both hydraulic oil and air are used. 


Shock Absorber:-

Shock Absorber is also used to tolerate and reduce shock inside the vehicle, but is intended to help the Suspension System, not the main system. 

Functions of Shock Absorber:-

1. Helping the suspension and road spring.      
2. To bear the brunt. 
3. Preventing wastage of goods and vehicles.      
4. Increase the lifespan of the car. 


Type of shock absorber:-

1. Single Acting Type.      
2. Double Acting Type. 

Working Function of shock absorber:-

1. Compression Action.      
2. Re-Bound Action.    
3. Heavy Bump Action.  

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