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Principle of 4 Stroke SI Engine, different between Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engine

Principle of  4 Stroke SI Engine,  different between Two Stroke and Four Stroke SI engine


Principle of  4 Stroke SI Engine 

Before understanding the principle of Four stroke SI engine, two scientists had revealed their law, we will know about them:-

1.    Boyle's Law:- 

It is said that if the temperature is the same, then the pressure of the air is more or less according to the density. 

2.    Charle's Law:- 

It is said that if the density is the same then the pressure increases when the temperature is high.     

Principle of 4 Stroke SI Engine:-  

1. Volume Decrease and pressure increase.

2. Volume Increase and Pressure Constant.

3. Pressure Increase and Volume constant.

Principle of four stroke engine


The  first four stroke engine was built in   1885/1886 by a scientist named Karl Benz.  

A four stroke SI engine works on these teen principles, if you want information about them with the complete diagram, then click on this 👉 Four stroke SI engine principle

Difference between Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engine:-

The difference between the two Stroke and Four Stroke Engine is on this page. There is a lot of difference between these two engines. The difference in Torque and Power weight ratio is the difference in strokes and power strokes and the difference in size.

Different between two stroke and four stroke engine

Two Stroke Engine:-

1. Torque generated from Two Stroke Engine is more than Four Stroke Engine. 

2. Two Stroke Engine has 2 strokes, that is, when the crankshaft revolves around itself, we get 1 power stroke.

3. Two Stroke Engine has ports for fuel and air which are open close by the cam.

4. Two Stroke Engine uses low weight flywheel.

5. Two Stroke Engine is smaller than Four Stroke Engine and occupies less space. 

6. All these engines require high amount of lubricating oil. 

7. Two Stroke Engine has high friction between piston and cylinder. 

8. The structure of these engines is simple.

9. Two Stroke Engines give less thermal efficiency.

10. These Engines have a high power and weight ratio.

11. The power and weight ratio of Engines is less than the two Stroke engine. 

Four Stroke Engine:-

1. Torque born from Four Stroke Engine is less than Two Stroke Engine. 

2. The Four Stroke Engine consists of 4 strokes, that is, the crankshaft gets 1 Power Stroke after completing its two rounds. 

3. Four Stroke Engine uses valves which are open close by mechanisms. 

4. Four Stroke Engine uses havy flywheel. 

5. This Four Stroke Engine is larger and occupies more space than Two Stroke Engine. 

6. Four stroke engines require small amounts of lubricating oil. 

7. In the Four Stroke Engine, friction between the piston and cylinder is less than in the two Stroke engine. 

8. The structure of engines is complex. 

9. Four Stroke Engines give higher thermal efficiency than two stroke. 

10. One round of Crank Shaft completes one otto cycle. 

11. Two rounds of Crank Shaft completes one otto cycle. 

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