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Car brake system, type of brake

What is brake in car, Car brake system, different type of brake system,


What is brake:-

Brake is an instrument that reduces speed and stops by applying pressure to the wheels of a moving vehicle. In the old days there were no brakes in the trains, at that time the speed of the vehicle was low, due to which the people sitting in the car would slow down and stop the car. Then as the speed increased, it was difficult for the people to stop the vehicle and then the vehicle was stopped by the wooden peace. But the technology continued to develop, due to which the speed of the vehicles was very high and to overcome this speed, a very good brake system was needed, so in 1903 an international conference was held in which a law was passed according to which There will be brakes in all four wheels of the vehicles and brakes will be applied in every vehicle 8 times more powerful than the power output of the engine of the vehicle. 


Types of brakes:-

1. Mechanical brakes. 

2. Hydraulic brakes. 

3. Air Brakes. 

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Mechanical brake:-

Everything has been done from the starting mechanical form, even hacking such as unlocking without a key, is the first type of mechanical brake brake, in which the mechanism is used as a brake in a mechanical brake.

Hydraulic brake:-

In Hydraulic Brake, a special type of fluid called Brake Fluid is used to generate pressure when we press the Brake pedal, then the actuating rod associated with it causes pressure to build up on the fluid from the master cylinder and this fluid is flow to the Brake piston and make help to applying the brake. 

Type of brake system

Air brake:-

Some parts of Air Brake in the automobile braking system Brake Pipe, Piston, Cylinder, Brake Block, Compressed Air pushes the Compressed Air piston on pressing the Brake pedal, it has a Brake block like Cycle.This creates friction on the block wheels. The wheel speed decreases.    Brake. 

There some type of brakes according to fitment and work these are mention below:-

Brake system according to fitment:-

1. Drum Brake
2. Disc Brake

Brake system according to working -

1. Internal Expending brake system.
2. External Contacting brake system.

Brake system according to the method:-

1. Air Brake System.
2. Hydraulic Brake.
3. Exhaust Brake.
4. Anti lock Braking system. 
5. Electronic Brake force Distribution.
6. Traction Control system.
7. Electronic Stability Control Brake System.
8. Combined Brake System.
9. Vacuum Brake System.
10. Air Suspended Brake System.
11. Electric Brake System.

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