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Type of gearbox and working of gearbox

Type of gearbox and working of gearbox, Manual gearbox and automatic gearbox


What is the gearbox:-

The gear box is an important part of the Power Transmission System in the automobile, when the speed and Torque of the Out put Shaft from the engine are the same and we have to mount our vehicle on a hill, then we need more Torque and on the normal road. High speed is required, so some groups of Gears are engaged to give different ratios of pre-determined speeds and Torque and lock them in a box. This is called Gear Box. The gear stick, which is also called the selective shaft, changes the gear.

Type of gearbox.

Working of gearbox.

Type of gearbox:-

There are two type of gearboxes which are follow-
1. Manual gearbox.
2. Automatic gearbox.

Manual gearbox:-

Manual Transmission Gear box has the option to select different types of Gear Ratio and Speed ​​Ratio, the user or driver himself chooses it according to his need, he needs more speed or torque or the correct balance of these, we should put the gear It is said that it depends on the design of the use gear box. Using manual transmission gear box is a bit difficult, but a perfect driver can understand that it works on the rest of the experience. 

Manual gearbox.
Automatic gearbox.

Types of manual transmission gear box-

1. Sliding mesh gear box. 
2. Constant mesh gear box.
(i) Constant mesh with Synchromesh gear box. 
(ii)  Constant mesh without Synchromesh  gear box. 

Automatic gearbox:-

The gear ratio in the Automatic Transmission Gear Box or the speed ratio depends on the speed of the input shaft in the gear box or the speed of the vehicle. The gears in the Automatic Transmission Gear Box automatically change when the pedal, clutch in the speed increase and decrease is not used manually. Automatic gearbox have EPI cycle gear trains.

Example of Automatic gearbox-

1. CVT - Continues Variable Transmission.
2. DCT - Dual Clutch Transmission.

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