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Do's and don'ts for job interview

Do's and don'ts for job interview and important points for the interview

Hey! Guys today we are going to talk about Do's and don'ts for job interview. The youngsters and the new generation is always be careful about biodata and self dressing for the job interview, and if he going for the first job interview than the preparation is very important for him. Now we are going to tell you the some important ppounts, if you would bhi follow them then your interview will be going good. It means we are going to tell you about do's and don'ts for job interview


Important point for Job Interview:-

1. Research about the Company:-

Collect the knowledge as much as possible about the company, where you are going for a job interview like companies products and growth of the company. Also visit the website of the company. 

2. Be prepared for Answers:-

There are some common questions in every interview, have to prepare them like where did you work before coming here, which type experience do you have and how much and tell me something  about you. Other than this there might be some technical questions which are related to your education may be. Prepared the answer of above questions, be remember without any preparation won't go in a interview.

do's and don'ts for job interview

3. Be Prepared a Check List:-

Prepared and keep a check list about the all documents and certificates. Some time have do give a presentation during the interview so prepared it and keep it in a CD or a Pen Drive. 

4. Arrived before of the time:-

Be reached at the venue of the interview. If possible then spend half hours there because you have to adjust properly yourself into there climate and will not be fill bed while interview. 

5. Always be Positive:-

Do not keeps any dought that you will not give a good interview, always be positive. Think positive and do positive. 

6. Selection of the Dress:-

Generally in an interview the formal dress is liked more. Always remember this that your dress is not everything for the interview but it is much more then other things. So wear the formal dress which suit your personality. 

do's and don'ts for job interview

7. Happiness:-

Always look like happiness it may help you a lot during the interview. Rather you smile, your style for hand shake and your eye contact during conversation all are a part of your personality and of you used all these with manner than you can leave a good impression. 

8. Do not Interrupt:-

Generally there are many members of the interview panel. They deliver their questions rapidly but you have to give the answer according to their seniority and do not inturrpt any interview member. 

9. Do not complaint:-

Always be remeber that if you come after leaving a job than do not complaint your previous organization during interview. 

10. Say thanks:-

After finished the interview would never forget to say thanks to interviewer board members.


Do' and Don'ts for Job interview:-

1. Before interview:-

a. Think for confirm selection in that company where you want to work. 

b. Avoid the strong smelling perfume and deodorant when you go for a interview. 

c. Put the cell phone on switch off before entry into the interview room.

d. Read the Job advertisement article twice or more because it is possible that found some important for your interview. 

e. Check the website of the company deeply. 

f. Reach at the interview venue before 15 to 20 minutes because of this you feel better from your nervousness. 

do's and don'ts for job interview


2. During the interview:-

a. Make eye contact with all members don't look on a member. 

b. Listen questions very carefully and after finishing the questions have to start your answer.

c. If you not know answer than say "sorry, I don't know" and accept it, don't try to make the fool to interviewers. 

d. If you don't sure about the answer than you have to take a permission for guess the answer and say like "I am not sure but probably........ ".

e. Don't complain about your previous job, college and boss. 

f. Be attentive and listen carefully, because listing is also mandatory as talking. 

g. Don't eat chewing gum and candy during interview. 

h. Don't consume cigarette befor going to the interview.

i. Don't try to be over smart. 

3. After interview Finish:-

a. Ensure that you have details at least one contact person of that company. 

b. If you do not receive any call from the company till the decided date than you have to follow up. 

c. Also say thanks to contact person in case you not selected. 

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