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Tank Al-Khalid : Specifications and Technical data

Tank Al-Khalid : Specifications and Technical data

Introductions of tank Al-Khalid:-

The tank Al-khalid is a main battle tank of the Pakistan Army. Name of this tank is based on the name of 7th century Muslim military commander is that "Khalid ibn al-walid". This tank is developed by the Pakistan and the China in 1990. This tank is using in Pakistan army from 2001. It have two serving version the namely are Al-khalid and Al-khalid-1 and the Al-khalid-2 is under process.


Background / History of tank Al-Khalid:-

In 1980 the Chinese Army namely is The China's People's Liberation Army was thought to developed a new version main battle tank. After some time the task was deployed jointly with Pakistan and China with sign a legal deal. Then after in next 8 to 10 years it was completed and the China's Army give it the name is Type - 90 - II and the Pakistan Army give it the name is Al-Khalid


Tank Al-Khalid : Specifications and Technical data

Tank Al-Khalid specifications:-

Weight - 46 tonne. 

Length - 10070 mm. 

Width - 3500 mm. 

Height - 2400 mm. 

Crew - 3 members. 

Armour - Composite armour with RHA (Rolled Homogenous Armour) and ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour). 

Main Gun - 125mm smooth bore gun. 

Main gun Rds - 39 rds in Al-Khalid and 49 rds in Al-Khalid-1. 

Secondary armaments - 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun (7100 rds) and 12.7 mm anti aircraft machine gun (1500 rds). 

Engine - KMDB 6TD-2, 6 cylinder diesel engine (origins by Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦). 

Maximum power output - 1200 Hp Or 890 Kw. 

Power to weight ratio - 26 HP / tonne. 

Transmission speed - 7 forward gear and 4 reverse gear. 

Maximum speed - 72 Km/h.

Gear selector mechanism - Semi automatic. 

Operational range - 500 km.

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