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What is CVT & DCT, Difference between CVT and DCT

What is continuous variable transmission and dual clutch transmission


CVT (Continues Variable Transmission):-

This is a system which we also call auto transmission, this system has two pully, one is Drive Pully and the other is Driven Pully. In both Pully, there are two members ie two members, one is static and the other is movable.

What is cvt. 

What is continuous variable transmission. 

CVT vs DCT. 

It is fitted with Drive pully engine and Driven Pully is fitted with transmission. Drive pully and Driven pully are connected with the help of a belt and with the help of this belt, the speed coming from the engine goes to the transmission.


It is made of belt steel and is rubber-coated on top. Inside the pully, the static part always stands in one place but the movable part movements back and forth due to which the speed of the vehicle is less and more.

When the movable part of the drive pully goes out, the movable part of the driven pully comes in, which causes the drive to step-down and when the opposite action takes place, the drive becomes step-up.

DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission):-

This is also a new technique of Auto Transmission. It uses two clutches simultaneously for even numbers such as a clutch for gear number 1,3,5 and visum number such as gear number 2,4 , Is a clutch of 6.

What is dct. 

What is dual clutch transmission. 

In this, when we are about to change from the first gear to the second gear, the clutch of the second gear gets attached before the clutch disengage of the first gear, so that the power lost which was lost while changing the gear can be saved and power and pick-up can be increased Could.



1. Both DCT and CVT are new technology of auto transmission.

2. But in some trains it has also been fitted with manual transmission.

3. Fluid Fly Wheel is fitted with them for auto transmission.

4. The CVT has fewer parts than the DCT, due to which it is cheaper and easier to design.

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