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Type of engine and what is engine

What is the Engine and  type of Engine      


What is engine

What is the engine:-

Engine is a machine Or engine is a power unit that convert the chemical energy into heat energy and further heat energy into mechanical energy, is called an engine. 

 Type of engine:-

There are basically two type engines which are mention below-
1. External combustion engine. 
2. Internal combustion engine. 

External combustion engine:-

An engine that have combustion process at outside of the engine cylinder that means we able to see the combustion process of the engine, this engine known as an external combustion engine. For example the coal engine train. 

Type of engine

Internal combustion engine:-

An engine which have combustion process inside the engine cylinder, it means we can't able to se the combustion, this engine known as an internal combustion engine. In nova day the all modern vehicle have internal combustion engine. 

There are two type of internal combustion engine-

1. Spark ignition engine. 
2. Compression ignition engine. 

Spark ignition engine:-

The engine which ignite the fuel by giving a spark, this engine known as a spark ignition engine. This engine use the spark plug for ignite the air and fuel mixture, it's known spark ignition or petrol engine.

Compression ignition engine:-

The engine which complete the ignition by compressing the air, this engine known as compression ignition engine or diesel engine. 

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