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Engine lubrication oil and properties of oil

Properties of lubrication oil, Type of lubricants, Source of engine oil


Properties of lubrication oil:-

The quality of lubrication system is as follows:-

1. Flash Point:-

This is the minimum temperature of the oil at which the oil is brought near that oil. Let the steam begin to form. Oil with higher flash points is considered better because it is used even at higher temperatures.

2. Freezing Point:-

The temperature at which the oil begins to freeze is called the freezing point of oil. Oil with less freezing point is considered better.

3.   Acidity  : - 

Oil should not have acidic or acidic effect, otherwise it will damage parts and cause obstruction in work.

4.   Foaming Action :-

When the oil flows in the system, when it is flattened again and again, then foam should not be formed in the oil or else there will be a blockage in the flow.

5.   Viscosity   : - 

The resistance in the ability of the oil to flow is called the viscosity of the oil. Viscosity depends on the temperature of the oil Viscosity decreases when the temperature is high and viscosity increases when the temperature is low. Grading of oil is given on the basis of viscosity.

6.   Oiliness / Gumminess   : - 

This is the characteristic due to which the oil is sticking to the metal even when the oil is under high pressure, due to which lubrication will continue. 

7.  Chemical Stability  : - 

This is the capacity of oil that even if the temperature and pressure are high, the oil will not leave its chemical properties.

Types of lubricants   : - 

There are three types of lubricant as follows-

1. Fluid or Oil : - 

The lubricants having the characteristic of flowing are called oils or fluids.

 2. Semi Solid Lubricants: - 

These are lubricants that do not have the characteristic of flowing, such as grease

3. Solid Lubricants: - 

These are the lubricants that we get in the form of powder, such as French-chalk, graphite.  

Properties of lubrication oil

Type of lubricants

Source of lubricants

Sources of Oil:-

There are some sources where we get fossil fuel and lubricants-

1.   Animal Oil  : - 

The oil that we get from the fat of animals like - fish oil, pig oil etc.

2.   Vegetable oil   : - 

The oil that we get from trees and plants like - peanut oil, coconut oil, mustard oil etc.

3.   Crude Oil ya Mineral Oil   : -

It is the oil which we get in crude form from land and sea, it is later purified in man-made refinery, but when it is cleaned in refinery So it is available in different form like -
(a) Petrol / Gasoline     = 44%
(b) Diesel                        = 36%
(c) Kerosene (K-II)        = 6%
(d) Lubrication Oil       = 3%
(e) Miscellaneous         = 8%
(f) Wastage                    = 3%

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