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Rotary vane fuel pump and it's working function

Rotary vane fuel pump and it's working function


About Rotary vane fuel pump:-

The work of rotary pump is sends the fuel in the injector with pressure according to the timing. The rotary pump has many vanes, so it is called rotary vane type.  The rotary pump is receiving drive from the cam shaft drive gear of the drive timing chest. Rotary Pump works just like FIP, there is only a difference between them.  

Rotary vane fuel pump
Rotary vane pump
Rotary pump

Parts of the Rotary vane fuel pump:-

There are some working parts of the rotary vane fuel pump which are follow-

Drive gear. 
Drive shaft. 
Vane pump. 
Governor assembly. 
Drive yoke. 
Driven yoke. 
Cam plate. 
Spoil hole. 
Spoil valve. 
Fuel cavity. 
Electrical fuel cut solenoid. 
Delivery holder.
Hydraulic time limiter.


Working Function of Rotary vane fuel pump-

As soon as driver starts the engine and drive shaft rotates. Vane pump fitted over drive shaft that's why vane pump is also rotate. Vane pump rotation causes suction in the pump body. Fuel is filled out of the fuel tank and filled in the body of the pump. Vane pump fills the fuel into the rotary pump body. With the ignition switch on, the fuel cut solenoid operates and the fuel fills in the fuel cavity. Rotating the drive shaft allows the drive yoke and the yoke to rotate the cam plate. With the cam plate coming down the roller, the cam plate moves forward and backward, causing this make a pressure on the fuel and pressurized filled fuel into the cavity and the fuel goes through the high pressure pipe line into the injector and becomes sprayed into the combustion chamber.

Thank you, for being here this is a small information about Rotary vane pump if you need to know much more about it so please contact us. 

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