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Which oil to be used for hydraulic clutch?

 Which oil to be used for hydraulic clutch?

Brake and clutch fluid

In the automobile industry there are used many type of clutch like :- mechanical type, hydraulic type, electric type, centrifugal clutch. 

Oil for hydraulic clutch.

Oil used in Hydraulic clutch. 

But the hydraulic clutch is used most in the heavy and load carry vehicle. In hydraulic clutch we transfer the mechanical force which driver apply on the clutch pedal to the release bearing and clutch mechanism by using of hydraulic fluid. 

First think that you have to remember that we use fluid where we want pressure and also we want some lubrication of working parts but important is pressure. And we use oil where we want only lubrication don't want pressure. 

Brake and clutch fluid

Because between oil and fluid they both have different viscosity so oil does not transfer pressure properly. So the think is clear that we have to use fluid in hydraulic clutch. 

Now answer of the question is we use brake fluid in the hydraulic clutch like :- DOT-2, DOT-3, DOT-4, DOT-5 and DOT-5.2 also. 

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